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    The BluffsSober Living
    Discover Your Path To Healing & Recovery

    At The Bluffs we provide a supportive sober environment that makes staying sober fun and attractive. We believe in accountability and structure for our residents. While we provide things like food and laundry detergents, we encourage our residents to be involved within the community and learn how to balance life’s daily stressors so that our clients can transition back into society seamlessly and easily.

    AmHealth Behavioral provides is fully accredited
    by multiple, reputable, associations.
    Our program is unique because we allow each client to learn how to balance all of life's daily stressors as well as a recovery program so that they can reintegrate into the flow of life quickly and successfully.
    Guest Services Provided

    We provide transportation to and from intensive outpatient programs. We provide rides to the pharmacy when clients need to refill any medications they may be prescribed.


    The Bluffs provides a variety of fresh and healthy ingredients for residents to cook for themselves. We grocery shop once a week and have the residents make the grocery list so that they are involved in the process of learning how to stock a fridge for a week.


    We have an aftercare housing which is a transitional living house in Culver City where we send clients who have a certain amount of sobriety, have shown the ability to hold themselves accountable to their recovery programs, are working and able to pay rent on their own.

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