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    treating mental health & substance abuse

    AmHealth Behavioral provides all levels of care, including detox, residential, and outpatient care. Our advanced network of treatment programs provides hope to those who are struggling with mental health disorders and drug or alcohol addiction. At AmHealth, we understand addiction, as well as the co-occurring disorders that often accompany it. We dig deep to the root of the issue to heal both the mind and body.

    Our treatment centers located in sunny Los Angeles, California, assist patients and their families find freedom from the grips of addiction. We have designed our programming within our levels of care as one continuous journey. Clients are treated using top of the line medical care combined with comprehensive wellness programs. We provide the best possible care in a setting where lasting recovery and peace of mind are the goals. If you are seeking the best possible treatment program for mental health and addiction recovery, we can guide you to the right place.

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      a full continuum of care

      We have designed our programming within our levels of care as one continuous journey. This allows residents to build on what they accomplished in the previous level of care. Recovering residents face a huge challenge of building their lives back in the time frame that insurance companies provide treatment. This task is even more daunting when residents have to start over in some capacity when they switch levels of care.

      AmHealth provides all levels of care, creating continuity through each stage of the treatment system. Often, individuals are forced to go to one provider for detox, another for residential treatment, and a different provider for intensive outpatient care and sober living. Each time a provider is switched the resident experiences turbulence. We have created a system that allows the client to be comfortable and safe in a setting where they will receive the care they need. Our primary goal of the continuum of care is to ease our client’s fears and make it as least stressful as possible.

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