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    Understanding Dual Diagnosis and Learning the Options for Treatment
    April 29, 2022
    Dual Diagnosis is when people struggle with both mental illness and substance abuse. It is estimated that as many as 45% of people with addiction also have a co-occurring mental…
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    How Does Paranoia Affect a Person, and What Are the Treatment Options?
    April 25, 2022
    Paranoia is the continuous and irrational feeling that people are “out to get you.” Drug use, dementia, or mental illness can all be causes of paranoia. Paranoia can affect a…
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    Understanding the Battle of Depressive Psychosis, and the Options for Treatment
    April 22, 2022
    Depressive Psychosis is a combination of major depression with psychotic symptoms. Other names for this illness include: Delusional depression Psychotic depression Psychotic major depression  A major depressive disorder with mood-congruent…
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    What is Subutex, and What are the Options for Treating Addiction?
    April 18, 2022
    Buprenorphine, also known as Subutex, is used to treat withdrawal symptoms. The drug produces a euphoric feeling, thus raising the potential for abuse. Subutex is sometimes prescribed to treat withdrawal…
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    The Risks of Concerta Addiction and the Best Method for Recovery
    April 15, 2022
    Methylphenidate, most commonly referred to as Concerta, is a prescription stimulant prescribed to treat ADHD. When used under a doctor's care as a treatment for ADHD, Concerta has a calming…
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    The Dangers of Demerol Abuse and the Options for Recovery
    April 11, 2022
    Demerol is a prescription pain reliever prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. Opioid drugs such as Demerol can become highly addictive when abused because of the “euphoric high” drug…
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