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Can You Overdose on Melatonin?
September 18, 2020
Melatonin is a hormone that helps to regulate your sleep cycle, otherwise known as the circadian rhythm. Normally, your brain's pineal gland naturally produces this hormone. However, you can also…
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Is Caffeine a Drug?
September 03, 2020
Yes. Caffeine is a drug because it has the potential for dependence, intoxication, and withdrawal syndrome. It is a stimulant drug that is a category of drugs that speed up…
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What Is Black Tar Heroin?
August 03, 2020
Heroin is a hard drug that comes in all shapes and sizes. Each form of heroin differs from the other in texture, ingredients and color. However, they all harbor the…
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Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Depression
July 03, 2020
It is normal to experience anxiety at any point in life. Anxiety is characterized by breathlessness, uneasiness, heart-pounding, and more. Depression is also a regular occurrence at one point in…
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Feeling Lonely? 12 Things That Heal
June 03, 2020
The rise in the number of Covid-19 patients has brought panic all around the world. Most countries have had to enforce strict quarantine rules to reduce the spread of the…
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Medication for Anxiety and Depression
April 24, 2020
While depression is typically considered a low-energy state, anxiety is a high-energy state. Research shows that the two conditions are closely related. A person having depression often goes through periods…
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