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California laws requiring early release for inmates and reducing penalties for lower-level crimes, including drug use and possession, have left the inner cities awash with drugged humans. Now comes word that fentanyl and heroin, so easily found on the street, have claimed twice as many lives as they did last year. 

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that in 2018 there were 134 overdose deaths from Fentanyl and heroin. In 2019 there were 290, more than twice as many.

The Sacramento Bee reported that California doesn’t stand up well against the national trends for drug use:

“We had a feeling through the year that we were seeing more and more deaths, but this is really quite staggering,” Dr. Luke Rodda, chief forensic toxicologist for the medical examiner’s office”.

fentanyl heroin deaths doubled in san francisco


Drug overdose deaths have declined across the U.S. from 2018 to 2019, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. From June 2018 to June 2019, overdose deaths decreased by 0.2%, dropping from 67,942 to 67,165.” [emphasis added]

Gavin Newsom, the former mayor of San Francisco and now California’s governor, has recently unveiled a plan to spend another billion dollars to house the homeless and pay their rents. He’s bringing in trailers for housing. Newsom’s enticements of free homes and rent and consequence-free drug use, among many other perks, will only serve to entice more people into coming to what used to be known as the Golden State. They already are coming: California’s share of the nation’s homeless population has increased from 25% to 30% recently.

Los Angeles has opened condos for the homeless that cost more than the median-price houses, as PJ Media reported.

While acting as the Welcome Wagon for the nation’s homeless, Newsom and his attorney general/wingman, Xavier Becerra, have fought the Trump administration in court to stop Trump from securing the border and deporting illegal aliens. China sends its fentanyl to Mexico and illegal aliens serve as “mules” to bring it over. Mexico does the same from its heroin-producing super labs.

You can do the math.

KRON-TV reports that the homeless tout the City’s policy of giving drug users Narcan to handle an overdose. The City also hands out free needles to abet safe drug-taking. Needles are strewn about the streets, picked up by city employees who make $184,000 a year in salary and benefits to pick up feces, needles, and other waste.

City leaders passed a resolution this month declaring a “public health crisis on drug overdoses.” The Bee reports the resolution called for a “better response to drug abuse.”


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