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Rehab has a life-changing role. It will offer various treatment programs, which are all based on the type of substance you abused, the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms, and your personals surroundings. 

A case of full-blown addiction, otherwise known as severe addiction, calls for a highly intensive treatment like the residential inpatient treatment program we offer at AmHealth Behavioral. On the other hand, a mild case of use disorder calls for a less intensive treatment program like the partial hospitalization program we provide at AmHealth Behavioral.

It would help if you had a top-class facility to recover from use disorder successfully. Some facilities are mainly focused on making the profits off of the high number of people suffering from use disorder. An ideal rehab facility offers quality treatment programs and, most importantly, gears these programs critical use disorder cases on an individual level. 

Each case of use disorder is unique, which is why you need trained and experienced medical professionals who can deliver treatment on the individual level.

Characteristics of a Quality Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles

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1. Accreditation, Licensing, and Certifications

You should check a rehab facility accreditation licensing and certifications before you select them. The commission on accreditation of rehab facilities and the joint commission is a major non-profit organization that offers accreditation. They base their credentials on demonstrated results in quality performance standards and value. 

Licensing is different from certification because only the States can issue licenses. States have varying licensing requirements for drug rehab centers. Certifications of a rehab center offer you protection from illegitimate treatment centers. LegitScript is a third-party provider that certifies drug rehab centers after a thorough vetting process. These rehab facilities are accredited to advertise their services and programs on major platforms like Facebook and Google.

2. Services Offered

What treatment services are available in the rehab facilities? Some people are addicted to only one substance, for example, alcohol and others are addicted to multiple drugs or multiple substances, for example, opiates and alcohol. Neither of these addictions is better, but a mix of alcohol and drugs has a high chance of becoming a fatality.

3. Co-occurring Disorders

Substance use disorder may also come with other underlying disorders, such as mental health problems. The rehab facility you select shield cover substance addiction treatment and address co-occurring disorders. This will make the treatment program cover more areas ten results in stable recovery.

4. Family Programs

Families of much support in any treatment and recovery program. When it comes to using disorder, the presence of a family support system will increase your chances of maintaining a sober life after rehab. However, not all families are the same as some may have communication problems or do not know how to offer support in such a case. 

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The rehab facility you select should provide family therapy. This will help create a connection between the patients and family members as they will learn how to communicate better and function well after rehab. The National Institute on Drug Abuse and uncovered that Adolescents need family therapy and support more than any other group during treatment.

5. Medication-assisted Treatment

Medication is used as a complementary form of treatment rather than a primary one. Patients need medication assistance, especially when they try to recover from nicotine, opioid, or alcohol use disorder. The main functions of medication-assisted treatment include reducing cravings minimize the appeal for drug or alcohol abuse, and two is the withdrawal symptoms. 

For those recovering from opioid use disorder, you will come across medication like methadone, suboxone, and naltrexone. Medical professionals will prescribe acamprosate and naltrexone to those recovering from alcohol use disorder. Nicotine use disorder treatment uses medications such as bupropion and varenicline for medication-assisted treatment.

6. Insurance Coverage

Most people use insurance to pay for rehab services. Some pay from their pocket, but it is more strenuous. Visit the rehab facilities website or call them to enquire if they accept insurance and accurately from your insurance provider. 

You may need to provide your policy number to the rehab facility for them to confirm if you are covered for treatment. Alternatively, you can ask your insurance provider to refer you to one of their credible in-network rehab treatment providers.

7. Location

The location of the rehab facility is another essential factor to consider. Ask yourself the following questions as part of the selection criteria four rehab facility based on its location.

  • Use the rehab facility in a secure neighborhood?
  • How far is it from places where you may be tempted to Relapse? For example, a bar.
  • Are you motivated to go to this facility?
  • How accessible is the facility to your family? This helps to determine whether your family will be able to attend family therapy.
  • When you are discharged from treatment, are you able to access the facility with convenience and participate in aftercare and alumni support?

You could even get a bed right away in a rehab facility, or you could end up on the waiting list. People with urgent rehab need have had to travel to other counties and states to get rehab space. You should also consult with family therapists, sponsors, friends, and people that you trust on whether you should wait for a spot close to home or travel.

Compare Rehab Facilities and Make an Informed Decision

Remember, there are multiple rehab centers within a given County or state. These centers differ in multiple aspects, including location costs, staff credentials licenses, and more. It would be best if you considered each of the above factors before you settle on any given rehab center. Your health is one of the aspects where you should not compromise quality for the cost.

It may be hard to get a facility that checks out all your preferences. However, consult again with your family and therapists to help determine which center offers excellent facilities and treatment programs for you. Once you are satisfied with your selection, you should proceed to make an inquiry and enroll in the facility. Most patients enroll in the facilities over the phone while some facilities call for physical enrollment.

Finding the Right Rehab: Get Help Today

AmHealth Behavioral is a rehab center located in Los Angeles, California that offers all levels of use disorder treatment. Our treatment stages normally advance from detox to residential or inpatient treatment outpatient care and aftercare and alumni programs. We have trained experts to offer individualized treatment, which has proven to be the most effective approach to use disorder treatment. 

Our services cover use disorder end co-occurring disorders in addiction, such as mental health disorders. We work with major insurance providers, which makes it easily accessible. AmHealth has multiple accreditations from reputable associations and organizations, which include the California Department of Health Care Services, the joint commission, and LegitScript.

two women sitting in front of a white table drug and alcohol rehab drug and alcohol rehab near me drug and alcohol rehab

Novo detox – This is the luxury is the treatment facility under the AmHealth Behavioral group. Treatment starts with detox and residential Treatment Services 30-day separation from alcohol and substances. Medication-assisted treatment is available for about 5 to 10 days for those I need it. We also offer diet treatment exercise therapy and outpatient treatments.

310 recovery residential – This is a residential rehab facility under AmHealth behavioral group. We offer 24/7 treatment and support through your residential recovery. You will be in a safe environment free of drugs, learn healthy life habits, and develop coping skills to help you achieve long-term sobriety. We recommend this program for individuals who have severe to moderate use disorder withdrawal symptoms.

Overland Intensive Outpatient Program – this treatment program addresses co-occurring disorders that come with alcohol and substance use disorder. The treatment is highly individualized with one-on-one sessions and also features some group therapy Sessions.  Our therapists will also use Case Management to initiate an evidence-based treatment approach.

310 recovery – This is the outpatient rehab program of AM Health Behavioral group. In this program, we are a team of counselors, therapists, and addiction specialists Who provide outpatient services for patients with use and psychological disorders. We focus on individual and group therapy treatment programs. We usually customize the treatment plan to our clients’ needs so that they may be able to redefine their lifestyle and lead a sober life.

The BluffsSober Living –  we offer a supportive environment where our patients can stay sober. This environment is usually fun and attractive, and our patience will be a part of the community. We offer this opportunity for our patients to learn how to balance stressors, such as cravings while transitioning back into their life. This program will make the transition easy.

You can contact us either by phone or email or even visit our address.


Some shy away from getting use disorder treatment because they cannot find a rehab center close to them, or they do not trust the service is. However, there is a treatment area you can use to evaluate and select the right treatment center for you. It will help if you put consideration into the aggregation licensing and certifications of the facility, the services they offer, co-occurring disorders, availability of family programs, use of medication-assisted treatment, insurance coverage policies, the facility location, and its comparison with other facilities.

Use the above criteria as you compare the various facilities and also consider other factors like the cost of the facility. However, it would help if you put more consideration into the treatment programs and services than into the cost. 

Top rehab centers offer an all-round treatment, which means the address co-occurring disorders and also provides aftercare, which helps the patients to avoid relapse. Rehab organization like am behavioral has facilities and programs that focus on the core treatment steps of use disorder. They include detox inpatient treatment outpatient treatment and aftercare. 

Every use of disorder rehab should start with detox. The type of treatment you advance to after depends on the severity of your use disorder. You should reach out to family, friends, and medical professionals to get help. 

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