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Many individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction often find solace in a physical recovery institution or program. However, with the wide spread of technology and digital media, there are modern platforms where listeners can find some remedy from fellow addicts speaking through their headphones. There are many podcasts that deal with the issues of addiction and they help to guide individuals through recovery as well. Here are some of the best podcasts to follow for a recovering addict:

That Sober Guy

This show is hosted by Shane, a recovering alcoholic. He has a lot of guests coming in his show from celebrities to everyday individuals who are also on the path to recovery. Shane focuses on topics such as cultivating a positive outlook in life, a healthy lifestyle and staying sober.

The Sober Guy is a platform for a community of individuals seeking the better side of life and staying sober as they try to recover from addiction. Shane Ramer (sober since 2013) upholds an objective way of interviewing his guests and shares with others their journey towards recovery. The Sober Guy currently holds about 150 podcasts with new podcast episodes aired online per week.

The Bubble Hour

Alcoholism generally affects about more than 50% of adults in America directly or indirectly. The Bubble Hour aims to educate through conversations of fellow alcoholics about their struggle with alcohol addiction. This show is hosted by Jean M., a woman who had a rough patch with alcoholism.

Her goal is to break down the stigma surrounding alcoholism and help those who are suffering from it by using her own experience of the battle. Listeners, especially women, have often found this podcast helpful and game-changing. The experiences from other guests have also helped fellow alcoholics and other listeners cope with this disease.

The SHAIR Project

The purpose of this podcast is simply in the title: Sharing Helps Addicts in Recovery (SHAIR). The host of the show, Omar Pinto, is a life coach and speaker with a niche that specializes in addiction recovery.

Omar and his guests aim to help listeners find the means to destroy bad habits. Omar also talks about life for individuals looking to find victory in their path in life during addiction and towards recovery. The SHAIR Project also has its own community of listeners who aim to help each other maintain sobriety.


This podcast is hosted by best-selling author Anna David which features artists, musicians, and comedians who talk about their fair share of addiction, sobriety, and recovery. This weekly podcast features interesting guests sharing their own experience to help shed light on the other side of addiction.

It has topics that can be correlated with the podcast and enhance the listener’s understanding of treatments and alternative options available to them. Overall, this podcast aims to help struggling individuals find a community or seek professional help.

Hopefully, these podcasts will prove to be worthy in your recovery process, but if not, contact us today to guide you on your road to sobriety and a better life.

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