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With so many streaming services available to us, there are many films and television shows that deal with the realistic portrayals of addiction and substance abuse. The most popular streaming services have a list of shows and series that deal with addiction and the struggles of it.

The most effective stories of addiction in the media can show both the redemption of recovery and the dangers of falling into the patterns of abuse. These are some of the best TV shows available that deal with addiction.


“Mom” is a CBS comedy series about the life of a single mother, Christy, who is in recovery from alcohol addiction. As the show progresses, she battles temptations to drink and regularly attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Christy’s mother, Bonnie, also struggled with substance abuse but is now sober. Like many people in recovery, Christy deals with stress. Her daughter is engaged to an older man and her son prefers to live with his father, Christy’s ex-husband. However, she remains optimistic throughout, tied to her desire to create a positive future.

Recovery Road

“Recovery Road” was a teen drama series that ran from January to March 2016 on the channel Freeform, which used to be known as ABC Family. Based on a novel by Blake Nelson, the show centered on 17-year-old Maddie, a popular high school student who entered rehab after she was caught possessing liquor at school.

Throughout the series, Maddie struggles to balance attending high school during the day with spending evenings at a sober living facility. The show touched on subjects such as teen partying, the consequences of blacking out and the benefits of 12-step meetings.


“Flaked” was co-created by Will Arnett who wrote and directed this Netflix comedy/drama series which largely draws on his own experiences with alcoholism and divorce while living in Venice, CA.

The show portrays the main characters regularly attending AA meetings throughout the series and coping with their sometimes-rocky relationship with sobriety. Arnett maintains some mystery about the main character’s past which draws you into his story and his struggles with alcohol.

Too Young to Die

“Too Young to Die” is a documentary series focuses on the stories of beloved celebrities whose lives were cut short, many of them due to addiction and overdose. Episodes of the series discuss stars like Kurt Cobain, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Belushi and Heath Ledger who were all unable to escape their drug abuse until it eventually turned fatal.

This documentary is important because it portrays how consuming substance abuse can really get and how it can be too late to help someone. If you or someone you know is dealing with substance abuse and addiction, seek treatment.


“Intervention” is a docuseries about the consequences of addiction and the effectiveness of interventions. The show profiles the lifestyle of individuals suffering from substance abuse issues such as heroin addiction, alcoholism and eating disorders.

It also touches on how it affects their loved ones. The show’s participants often receive an major choice: go to rehab or risk losing contact with your family. Since premiering on A&E in 2005, “Intervention” has detailed the hardships of addiction and the process by which families instigate interventions and the road to recovery.

Although this is a short list, there are many more films and series that deal with addiction on many streaming services. If you or anyone you know is dealing with substance abuse and is seeking treatment, contact us today.

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