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Human beings already have a lot to deal with, and the recent Coronavirus outbreak has brought even more problems. 

Immediately after the outbreak, the World Health Organization advised people to maintain social distance and start working from home. People recovering from addiction have been affected the most as a result of these measures. This is because they go against the core practices involved when you’re trying to get clean again. 

So what do you do when you’re stuck at home and still undergoing recovery?

1. Plan Out Your Days 

Planning your days is always a requirement even when undergoing addiction therapy. It might not be so obvious while in treatment because it’s usually done for you. It’s easy to get bored at home, and so, one should construct a detailed account of their day to prevent boredom.

In your schedule, you should include time for meetings, hobbies, activities such as work, and even sleep. This is a great way to develop a healthy routine and structured living style that leaves no time for drugs.

a woman looking at her image in the mirror bipolar signs and symptoms bipolar disorder treatment facilities percocet abuse

2. Talk to Someone 

Most facilities offer over-the-phone free counseling services for recovering addicts provided you were once admitted at their facility. Independent therapists and mental health professionals have also moved their services online and over-the-phone.

Groups that initially used to meet have now moved their meetings online, as has been seen with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These online meetings offer a platform where people can talk about what they’re going through and how they’re coping. You even get to attend more meetings than you usually do, all across the world.

3. Try Something New 

A good way to pass the time is to find something new to do. You could get a pet companion who will take up most of your time, learn a new language, or try art. Whatever it is, it is guaranteed to make you distracted. These are also sure ways of reducing anxiety in these hard times. At least you’ll be able to say you learned a new skill after all this has passed. 

4. Check Into a Sober Living Facility 

Sober living facilities offer a home for people whose usual home environment poses a risk to the recovery process. It could be that there’s a high tendency of drug use in the neighborhood or family or the individual lives alone. It is especially easy to get lonely at home during this pandemic, and so it’s advisable to look for a sober living facility. 

Individuals have a chance to interact with people also recovering from drug addiction, thus reducing loneliness. The patients also attend their group meetings as most sober living homes provide transport to and from such meetings.

woman wearing a face mask bipolar signs and symptoms bipolar disorder treatment facilities percocet abuse

AmHealth Behavioral is a wellness facility in Los Angeles, California, that specializes in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse at all levels of addiction. We treat mental illness and signs associated with alcohol and drug addiction. Signs of bipolar disorder, especially in the side effects of codeine use and bipolar signs in Percocet withdrawal, are treated. Identification and treatment of all the symptoms of alcoholism are also available at our facility.

Any switch from one program to another during treatment poses a risk of relapse. For this reason, our facilities are well equipped to cater to all levels of treatment up to the end. Our programs include detoxification, Residential inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and sober living.

Our facilities include: 

Novo Detox

 This is a luxurious detox facility that also offers residential services to its clients. We are committed to helping both the patient and the family in treatment and recovery through family therapy. The patient is first taken through a medically supervised withdrawal process for the first ten days. After this, he or she resides in the facility for treatment care. Here, patients are treated to perks, such as having a private chef, lush lawns, and a pool, just like home.

Overland IOP

Overland Intensive Outpatient is a nonresidential facility that deals with mental disorders associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Our main aim is to deal with the mental disorders that take people back to drug use; thus, we reduce the chances of relapse. Patients can expect to go through a treatment program that is all-inclusive and also individual at the same time. The main features of this facility include group therapy, solution-focused therapy, case management, and licensed family and marriage therapy.

310 Recovery Residential

This is an in-house treatment and residential facility that offers drug addiction treatment through detoxification. Here, patients are placed in a highly monitored and structured environment to enable the best treatment and avoid relapse. Each patient receives specialized care according to individual needs and has their schedules well planned out for them. The patients are also taught skills and life habits that reduce the chances of relapse upon discharge from the facility. This facility is recommended for those dealing with moderate to high levels of addiction 

The Bluffssober living

This is a home where individuals recovering from addiction therapy stay until they’re fully able to function without a chance of relapse. Bluffssober living offers individuals a safe and comfortable place, just like home with a community that can be considered family. The facility equips patients with skills on how to maintain balance to avoid ever going into relapse. 

We are still operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, so feel free to contact us at any time. All our facilities are always available to those who need help. Check-in with us to begin your recovery journey no matter what stage you’re at.

COVID 19 posta bipolar signs and symptoms bipolar disorder treatment facilities percocet abuse oxycontin treatment


The journey to recovery from addiction is a long one. It is especially long and even more daunting for newly recovered addicts during this pandemic. Addiction treatment and recovery is always a teamwork process that involves a whole community. People meet up and encourage one another through this very tough journey. It is no wonder that recovering addicts have been greatly affected by this pandemic. 

However, all hope is not lost. Numerous alternative avenues have been set up to ensure meetings and support groups are still held. Most facilities are still accepting the admission of new and old patients even during the pandemic. Sober living homes are still open for those who want a safe space for a full recovery. All in all, despite these difficult times, recovery is still very much possible.

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