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    Partial Hospitalization

    Partial hospitalization programs like the ones at
    AmHealth Behavioral provide your with options
    when seeking treatment.

    Progress Towards Recovery

    Our network of Partial Hospitalization Programs is another option for those who do not require or have already completed residential care. We focus on the importance of the recovery process by acquiring life skills and the tools required prior to moving forward outside of the facility including employment or education opportunities. We also want to be aware of and work within the at-home family dynamic.

    Our Addiction Treatment Programs

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      Different Forms of Therapy We Offer

      Group Therapy – Allows clients to share their experiences, insights, and feelings with those who share similar insights. Participants are able to give and receive support from their peers in a structured environment.

      Individual Therapy – One-on-one sessions with therapists and counselors allow individuals the opportunity to discuss their successes, setbacks, and concerns about recovery with a professional.

      Family Counseling – There is no doubt that the impact of mental health disorders and addiction takes its toll on the individual’s family and relationships. Family counseling sessions help family members learn how to support their loved one in the most effective way possible for their recovery.

      Medication Management – Professional staff members provide psychiatric medication management services to clients who are dealing with mental and behavioral health disorders. We emphasize on taking the time to dedicate, slow down, and begin working a program that fits your needs without taking on too much at once. We build an immediate support group and establish a foundation for adding structure to your life and creating a network of support of your own.

      Find Your Path to Sustainable Recovery.

      Am Health Behavioral provides you with options when seeking treatment for substance abuse & mental health.

      How AmHealth Can Help You

      At AmHealth, our PHP program will help you. We offer a variety of therapies, life skills, and different techniques for coping. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, do not be afraid to contact us. At AmHealth, we have addiction professionals who will answer your call and help you with whatever you may need.

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