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A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted between 2013 and 2016 shows that women actually experience depression twice more than men. However, men fail to report a case of depression which makes their numbers higher than women.

Furthermore, people usually misinterpret depression signs in men. For example, they perceive a constant display of anger as a personality trait rather than a symptom of depression.  Depression symptoms in men like women are categorized into emotional, behavioral and physical. The difference arises in how each of these genders expresses their depression.  

Depression can lead to fatalities if left unchecked.  This guide will inform you of the causes, types, symptoms, and treatment for depression in men. You should reach out to a doctor immediately if you experience depression signs or you notice them in a loved one.

What is Major Depressive Disorder?

man in gray sweater with his woman bipolar signs and symptoms bipolar disorder treatment facilities percocet abuse

Depression is a condition characterized by sadness as the primary feeling.  Women mostly experience low feelings while men experience aggressive feelings like anger and can engage in substance use disorder as a coping mechanism.  There are two types of major depressive disorder. 

a. Unipolar Depression.  Unipolar depression is a case of depression where the individual only experiences low emotions which is mainly sadness or negative emotions such as suicidal thoughts.

b. Bipolar Depression. Bipolar depression, on the other hand, displays two prevalent opposite symptoms. The first is feelings of mania or hyper-excitement and severe depression or sadness.  

Causes of Depression in Men

Depression does not have a known cause. However, there are various factors that are known to trigger depression. These factors include:

1. A history of depression in your family especially with an immediate family member.

2. A major loss in life for example loss of a loved one or your job especially if it’s the sole source of income.

3. A serious illness like cancer can trigger depression. The weight of the illness physically, emotional and financial can easily aggravate depression.

4. Alcohol and Drug Abuse. People usually turn to alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism for depression.  However, the substances only alleviate the symptoms of depression for a while. Heavy substance abuse will make the problem worse. There are drugs that actually cause your mood to fluctuate such as opioids like morphine or codeine, benzodiazepines and more.

Symptoms of Depression in Men

Social, biochemical, hormonal and genetic factors are likely to trigger depression.  Symptoms of depression in men can be categorized into physical, mental, and behavioral.

a man looking at his partner bipolar signs and symptoms bipolar disorder treatment facilities percocet abuse

1. Physical Symptoms

Depression may be more of a mental condition but you may experience some physical symptoms. They include:

  • Digestive problems
  •  Headaches
  •  Tightness in the chest
  •  Eating too much or too little
  • Tiredness
  •  Little or excessive sleep
  • Restlessness
  • Agitation
  •  Losing weight unintentionally
  • Back, joint or limb pain

2. Behavioral Symptoms

Men and women can portray different behavioral symptoms. For example, drug and alcohol use disorder triggers depression in more men than women.  Furthermore, men tend to indulge in risky behavior and anger more than women. Some of the behavioral symptoms include:

  • They tend to avoid social situations such as family gatherings.
  • Men tend to become more abusive and controlling in their relationships.
  • Attempted suicide.
  •  You may notice risky behavior such as unprotected sex and gambling
  • They struggle to balance family and work responsibilities.
  • Alternatively, individuals can.
  • Indulging in more drugs and alcohol substance abuse.
  •  Lower sex drive.
  • Loss of interest in your hobbies.

3. Emotional Symptoms

Men are more comfortable to discuss and show physical symptoms than emotional symptoms. The main emotional symptom in both men and women is low feelings. Women will mainly experience sadness but men will portray:

  • Frustration
  •  Anger
  •  Irritability
  • Aggression

When Should You See a Doctor?

In the United States alone, ⅔ of those with depression fail to get a diagnosis and treatment. You should visit your doctor immediately if you witness any of the above depression symptoms. The doctor will be able to quickly diagnose your condition and set you on a recovery path. Depression poses a suicide risk on the patient.

Treatment of Depression in Men

There are several approaches to the treatment of depression in men. Doctors will prescribe multiple approaches to treatment for you to recover for the long term. The various approaches to treatment include:

1. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy helps to address emotional and behavioral symptoms.  There are various approaches to psychotherapy. One of the major ones is cognitive behavioral therapy which helps you identify triggers of depression and how to cope with them.

 2. Lifestyle Change

man wearing a red sweater leaning on a wall while smiling bipolar signs and symptoms bipolar disorder treatment facilities

A lifestyle change is an effective remedy to depression. You should try to root out negative lifestyles like alcohol and drug abuse. Furthermore, you should seek support from your loved ones including family and friends to overcome negative emotions. You should also engage in coping mechanisms such as :

  • Creating a routine or structure in your life
  • Regular exercise
  • Talk more to family and friends
  • Engage in mindful meditation

3. Medication

Your doctor may also prescribe anti-depressant medication. The major antidepressant medications are Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

4. Hospitalization

Doctors will recommend hospitalization when the case of depression is severe. You may not necessarily spend your time at the hospital. Treatment is available in rehab centers like AmHealth Behavioral.

AmHealth Behavioral – Treatment for Depression, Substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders

AmHealth Behavioral is an organization that offers detox, rehabilitation, alcohol & drug use disorder treatment, and co-occurring disorders treatment. Our services cover:

  • Dilaudid addiction
  • Percocet addiction
  • Alcohol abuse signs
  • Weed signs and rehab treatment
  • Visible signs of cocaine use
  • Opiate withdrawal
  • Lortab addiction treatment
  • Heroin addiction effects

We also address mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and other disorders. Our treatment centers help us deliver top detox and rehab services in Los Angeles. They include:

310 Residential. This treatment center helps us to offer treatment to individuals with severe substance use disorder and men & women with severe depression, otherwise known as clinical depression. 

Novo Detox. Novo Detox is a facility that offers 24/7 support for individuals and families struggling with substance use disorder. It is also a safe space for men and women to recover from depression.

Overland IOP. Overland IOP is our intensive outpatient program. We offer our patients intensive care for substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders. It helps them to ease back into the society as they will spend some time in our facility and attend school or work. 

The Bluffs Sober Living. There are patients who need more time to ease back into their lives. We offer our individuals some living space and amenities like food. Our professionals will help you reconnect with society as you get ready to lead a sober life. 


Both men and women experience depression. However, the symptoms manifest differently in both men and women. There will be common symptoms like feelings of sadness and mania (in the case of bipolar depression). The symptoms in men include:

  • Physical symptoms for example headache, tiredness, or restlessness.
  • Behavioral symptoms, for example, avoiding social contact.
  • Emotional symptoms. They bend to be more aggressive in men for example anger. 

You should see a doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms. The doctor could prescribe a combination of the following treatments:

1. Medication which mainly includes antidepressants.

2. Psychotherapy which covers talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and more. 

3.  is a solution for severe cases of depression. 

4. A lifestyle change is also a form of treatment. You should check your diet and try to exercise more. 

Contact us today to start your treatment. 

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