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In most cultures around the world, women have the greatest number of responsibilities in the society. They have to take up different roles. Mother, sister, daughter, Child bearer, caregiver, and in this modern age, they’re also expected to bring home the daily bread. For each role that they play in society, women are expected to act a certain way and according to set standards contrary to which they are subject to judgment and harsh criticism from the world. 

It’s almost impossible not to crush under the weight of these responsibilities, and that is why women are more prone to depression than any other gender group.

A combination of numerous saddening events over a long period of time is often the cause of depression in women. Being able to identify the signs and symptoms is essential in seeking help as early as possible and could be the difference in whether or not one takes a long time to recover from depression. 

Here are some of the signs that a woman in your life is going through depression:

1. A Drastic Change in Eating Habits

We can all honestly say that we’ve lost appetite after seeing or hearing the news that made us feel low. On the flip side, a lot of people can admit to going out to splurge on their favorite meal after a bad day at work just to feel better. That’s the same case with depression. An individual either overeats or nothing at all. After a while, such habits start to show in the form of drastic weight loss or weight gain.

2. Suicidal Thoughts and Attempts

This is one of the surest signs that one is going through depression. Close to 90% of deaths as a result of suicide are related to mental illness, and more than 50% of these deaths are linked to depression. A lot of those around suicide survivors usually never realize that their loved ones are going through depression until they encounter such a near-death experience. 

an adult woman facing a water body bipolar signs and symptoms bipolar disorder treatment facilities percocet abuse

Suicidal thoughts are not easy to detect and are often dismissed as ‘jokes’ or ‘ just having a bad day.’ However, people intending to commit suicide often leave crumbs of information in their daily speech. Such people often say goodbye as if they’re about to go away for a very long time, or they may give away their valuables without reason.

3. Lack of Energy

Depression drains the energy out of you. A simple task, such as taking a shower, can become the most dreadful and tiring thing that an individual has to undertake. It doesn’t come as a surprise that people suffering from depression can’t perform normal activities like cleaning, eating, reading, or catching up on work. 

4. Loss of Interest in Daily Activities

Withdrawing from social contact and always wanting to be left alone is still a sign of an underlying problem even if it’s not depression. People always withdraw into themselves because they are stressed or sad or both. Such people no longer want to go out for brunch, which was always a Sunday ritual; they don’t want to go to school, to work, or anywhere as a matter of fact. Long term withdrawal is often a sure sign of depression, and loved ones should always reach out whenever they notice such behavior. 

Some individuals may initially show such signs and then come out and act normally without help, and this may make those around them complacent and unwilling to help in the future. For such people, it’s easy to say, ‘ Don’t mind her. She’ll come back out when she’s done dealing with it.’ Such statements often make such individuals feel like they’re not cared for and set the stage for potential suicide attempts, which always end in tragedy.

5. Unexplainable Changes in Sleep Patterns 

The one sure place you’ll almost always find someone suffering from depression is in bed, and if not, they’re out of bed with eye bags from lack of sleep. Depression affects the functioning of the pineal gland causing excess or little release of melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for the sleep-wake cycle.

woman in gray sleeping on a bed bipolar signs and symptoms bipolar disorder treatment facilities percocet abuse

6. Drug Use 

A lot of drugs act as nervous system stimulants hence why they’re abused. Most people who use drugs are often looking for an escape from their daily life to lift their moods. However, once the drug dose is fully broken down, brain function reduces drastically, often leading to even worse depression. Addiction sets as a result of constantly wanting to feel high again after a reduction in drug concentration. 

One of the key heroin addiction effects is depression. It is also one of the visible signs of cocaine use. Drug and alcohol abuse signs often serve as an indication that someone is going through depression or is at risk of depression.

It’s not enough to use one sign in determining whether or not someone is suffering from depression. After all, an individual could show drastic changes in eating habits as a result of activities like dieting or fasting. Look out for at-least 2of the signs as mentioned above to know whether an individual needs help 

AmHealth Behavioral 

AmHealth Behavioral is a California based treatment and recovery center specializing in drug and alcohol treatment. We recognize that everyone who walks through our doors has different needs and preferences, and therefore we have a variety of programs for different types of individuals. We also have highly trained professionals in our co-occurring treatment disorders for those with additional needs.

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Our main treatment facilities include:

310 Residential Recovery: This is a residential facility that provides the usual services of any detox facility. The professionals here help individuals deal with both the physiological and addictive aspects of drug use.

Novo Detox: A luxury residential facility that provides a home away from home for recovering addicts. Here individuals are first taken through a medically supervised withdrawal period as is required in treatments such as Percocet addiction, Lortab addiction treatment, and Dilaudid addiction treatment. They then stay at the facility for therapy.

Overland IOP: This facility is made for those suffering from mental health issues that drive them back to drug use. Here professionals are mental health physicians and addiction experts.

The Bluffs Sober living: This is a facility that offers an environment where the individual is taught how to maintain a life balance and deal with daily stressors that may serve as a trigger for a relapse. 

Contact AmHealth Behavioral for the best drug and alcohol rehab in LA. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us on (844)296-8495. 

Final Word

Depression is a mental health illness that, if not treated, can cause permanent changes in brain physiology and anatomy. Knowing the signs and symptoms of depression is the first step in the treatment process. Over 50% of people suffering from addiction are also diagnosed with depression. Seeking help to treat addiction immediately, one suspects it also helps reduce the chances of depression. 

A woman is the backbone of any society, and thus we all must look out for the woman around us and help when we sense they’re spiraling into depression. Contact us now for the best drug and substance recovery treatment.

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