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Novo Detox is a detox and residential facility dedicated to helping patients and their families find freedom from the grips of addiction. We strive to deliver the highest quality care to those in need of drug or alcohol detoxification.

The first 30 days of separation in a comfortable setting away from drugs or alcohol will greatly increase the chances of future long-term sobriety, the ability to analyze the core issues and integrate back into the daily life.

Clients can expect a 5-10 day medically supervised medication regiment that safely assists them throughout the withdrawal process. During this time, there is regular monitoring by our professional staff to ensure the client’s safety.

Following detox, clients have the ability to stay at the facility for residential treatment care. Depending on the individual, this will consist of 20-30 days of the intensive group, individual, experiential, and family therapy methods. The client’s health and recovery is the number one focus, with a private chef preparing fresh, balanced meals. We follow health, nutritious, and proper dietary guidelines while educating clients on the importance of a healthy lifestyle in recovery. That, on top of the therapy methods utilized, allows individuals to empower themselves in their recovery.

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Features of Novo Detox

Evidence-Based Therapies

Methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic, Solution-Focused, and 12-Step programs.

Family & Couples Counseling

Introduced during the treatment plan in order to foster and repair family relationships.

Modern Holistic Therapies

Methods such as mindful walking, meditation, art therapy, dance therapy, saltwater therapy, and yoga.

Experiential Therapies

Weekly outings that include hiking, beach walks, surf lessons, and educational and cultural trips to experience Los Angeles in sobriety.

Case Management

A trained professional that helps guide the patient to plan, organize, and monitor recovery services including aftercare.

Discharge Planning & Aftercare

Assistance finding meetings, outpatient, and other forms of therapy to assist in long-term recovery.

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Services Offered

Some of the amenities and services offered by Novo Detox that aid in a client’s recovery are listed below.
  • Individual therapy twice a week
  • Saltwater therapy
  • Surf lessons
  • Life coaching
  • Art therapy
  • Case management
  • Family counseling
  • Pain management
  • Dance therapy
  • Stress management

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