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    Am Health Behavioral provides you with options when seeking treatment for substance abuse & mental health.

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    Help Those Suffering from Mental Illness & Addiction

    AmHealth Behavioral provides all levels of care, creating continuity through each stage of the treatment system. We offer drug rehab and other specializations for patients dealing with substance abuse. Often residents will go to one provider for detox, another for residential treatment, and a different provider for IOP and sober living. Each time a provider is switched the resident experiences turbulence.

    Our treatment centers located in sunny Southern California help patients and their families find freedom from the grips of addiction. We have designed our programming within our levels of care as one continuous journey.

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    From alcohol to heroin, AmHealth Behavioral offers you treatment for every addiction.

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      Explore Our Treatment Centers

      Are you looking for a solution to addiction? Suffering from mental illness and don’t know where to turn? You found your solution at AmHealth Behavioral. We have multiple programs that offer unique treatment to each client that walks through our doors.

      310 Residential

      The 310 Residential Residential Treatment Program offers comprehensive care with an in-house detoxification program. Clients live full-time in a highly structured and monitored environment where they receive personalized care and programming each day of the week.


      At Overland Intensive Outpatient, our philosophy is to help treat mental health by addressing the co-occurring disorders which exacerbate and drive the individual back through the stages of relapse with an all-inclusive treatment plan by meeting the client where they are at utilizing evidenced-based approaches.

      310 Recovery

      310 Recovery is a team of recognized therapists, counselors, and addiction specialists devoted to helping those suffering from addictive and psychological disorders. Through intensive individualized and group therapy, we offer our clients a customized plan for long term success in redefining their lifestyles and finding hope in their sober future.

      Novo Detox

      Novo Detox is a detox and residential facility dedicated to helping patients and their families find freedom from the grips of addiction. We strive to deliver the highest quality care to those in need of drug or alcohol detoxification, as well as inpatient residential care provided by our qualified staff.

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      Why Choose Am Health Behavioral?

      AmHealth Behavioral provides each client with a unique treatment experience that is needed when it comes to treating mental health & substance abuse. Overall, each of our programs offers a unique and specific program that allows us to truly help all those who come through our doors. Learn more about who we are and how we can help you and your loved one today.

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