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    Aftercare Planning

    The recovery process for anyone struggling with drug or
    alcohol addiction is a long one. There are a lot of elements
    and steps involved in recovery. One area that is often
    overlooked, and yet is perhaps the most crucial part of a
    successful recovery plan, is addiction aftercare. There isn’t
    a finite end for recovery. Addiction is a lifelong battle.
    Completing an inpatient program isn’t the end of your journey.
    In fact, it is merely the beginning.

    What Is Aftercare Planning

    Aftercare refers to the services and treatment programs available to people after they have left an inpatient treatment center or rehab facility. There are a variety of services that make up this part of a customized recovery plan, including everything from outpatient therapy to fitness routines, life skills training, job placement assistance, and more. For many people in recovery, the transition back into their “normal” life is the most difficult part of the process. This is where aftercare planning and programs come into play.

    Aftercare will be included in every personalized treatment plan. During the interview and intake process, rehab counselors and staff will work with each patient to come up with a recovery plan that suits their needs and gives them the best chances of success. This is where aftercare will first be discussed, and where some initial plans and ideas may be put into motion. As time goes on, the needs for aftercare may change. Therefore, even once you are back home and embarking on your aftercare treatment plan, it can still be changed and adapted to meet your needs.

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      Why Is Aftercare Important

      As mentioned above, life after attending a treatment center is often the hardest part of recovery for those who struggle with addiction. Especially in cases where people have to leave old friends behind or try to avoid old bad habits, it can be difficult to stay on track. Follow-up treatment offered through an aftercare plan can help individuals stay focused and prevent relapse. This specific area of treatment has actually shown to be extremely effective for helping those in recovery to keep their progress moving forward.

      Aftercare services can provide a safe space for people in recovery. They allow individuals to remain connected to the sober living community even after leaving the facility. These programs are also designed to help teach coping skills, build family support, and provide valuable life skills for continued success in recovery and all aspects of life. Most importantly, aftercare programs equip people with the valuable knowledge that they can survive, and even thrive, after overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction.

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      Recovery Begins Here…

      The number of programs and services available for people seeking addiction aftercare is growing by the day. As more facilities and recovery professionals see the value of an aftercare plan as part of addiction recovery, the field will continue to expand to provide accessibility to a wide range of services and programs. The most common services included in aftercare are:

      • Counseling and Therapy
      • Family or Group Therapy
      • Support Groups
      • Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT)
      • Alternative and Complementary Treatments

      If you or someone you loved is struggling with addiction, contact us today. Our experienced staff can help create a personalized recovery treatment plan that includes aftercare services and more.

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