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    Medically-Assisted Detox

    When a person is serious about quitting drugs or breaking
    free from alcohol addiction, they may find the assistance they
    need using medical detox. It is a very dangerous thing to detox
    by yourself. This makes the medically assisted detox option
    one of the safest and more helpful options when considering
    the process of detoxing from substances.

    What is Medically Assisted Detox

    When a person strives to break free from alcohol and drug abuse, especially if they have been battling with abuse for a long period of time, they may suffer withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can range in severity from mild to extremely uncomfortable. Individuals who have been addicted to alcohol or drugs for a long period of time may even face life-threatening symptoms.

    Medical detox is designed to make the withdrawal process safer and more comfortable by using well researched and time-proven interventions and techniques. These techniques, which include medical therapy, can minimize and in some cases alleviate withdrawal symptoms, making it more likely that the individual breaking free from their addiction will stick with the program and enjoy long-term results.

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      What Can You Expect from Our Medically Assisted Detox Program

      Suboxone and methadone are the most common drug substitutes that are used during medically assisted detoxification. The primary benefit of these drugs is their ability to lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Using a safer substitute encourages people to become less physically dependent on the substance they were abusing.

      Since the individual seeking rehabilitation is not being driven by withdrawal symptoms to take drugs, they are in a better frame of mind to continue with the rehabilitation process. It is important to note that drug detox is not rehab. Instead, it is the first step that is taken on the road to recovery.

      One might argue that with medically assisted detoxification, you are simply replacing one drug for another. This is not true. Street drugs are by their very nature unsafe. The purity of the drug being used is questionable, and the environment in which the drug is taken is often dangerous. Conversely, with medically assisted detoxification, drugs are taken in a safe environment. If anything was to go wrong, there are medical professionals there to help the individual right away. The goal is to use substitute drugs to eventually wean the addicted individual away from their addiction.

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      Medically assisted detox may be able to help you with your withdrawal symptoms in the first few weeks. Ongoing therapy is key to your being able to minimize your chances of relapse.

      Wanting to break free from alcohol and substance abuse is a powerful first step. Medical detox and ongoing rehabilitation can help you make that desire a reality. If you would like to learn more about how our program can help you or your loved one, contact us today. We look forward to explaining the benefits of medical detox to you.

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