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    Life-Skills Training

    The goal of treatment is to provide the client with the tools
    they need to successfully lead a healthy life. This includes
    obtaining the life skills they need for life after treatment
    in recovery which is why we offer Life-Skills Training.

    What is Life Skills Training

    While having yourself caught up in the cycle of addiction, there’s a good chance many aspects of your life have gone into total disarray. You might be having problems at work, financial issues or issues with family and friends. None of these problems are permanent, they can all be fixed. You just need the tools to better direct your life and decisions. If you don’t take the time necessary to address these aspects of your life, it’s going to be difficult for you to maintain sobriety.

    Here’s a list of some of the essential life skills you will learn about during treatment:

    • Learning to make better decisions
    • Learning to express feelings and emotions
    • Learning to manage finances
    • Developing leadership and communication skills
    • Exercise and Nutrition

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      Types of Life Skills We Offer Training On

      The stronger you can build your armor, the more likely you will be tostay in recovery for the remainder of your life. Let’s take a closer look at the aforementioned life skills in recovery.

      1. Learning to Make Better Decisions – Clearly, your ability to make good decisions is going to be affected by your addiction. In life skills training, you will be taught to recognize your bad behaviors. You also be taught how to see how those behaviors create bad decisions like using drugs. If you can see what’s coming, you can develop a “decision-tree mentality” that will help you make different and better decisions going forward.
      2. Learning to Express Feelings and Emotions – A lot of addiction sufferers have difficulty communicating. Better training in the communication process will likely emphasize the importance of letting others in on the secret of how you are feeling. That gives them the opportunity to offer help, and it gives you a chance to recognize you don’t have to deal with your issues alone. They won’t know if you can’t tell them.
      1. Learning to Manage Finances – While you are caught up in the day-to-day struggle of dealing with your addiction, you have likely ignored key responsibilities like managing your finances. Money issues create so much stress and that often leads to bad behaviors such as abusing substances. A good lesson in how to create and live within a reasonable budget could certainly help you mediate any money problems that could otherwise cause you to feel pressure and unhappiness.
      1. Learning Leadership and Communication Skills – People who abuse substances tend to have issues with confidence and success. They often feel encumbered by feelings of being inferior to the people around them. People who are good leaders and can communicate important ideas often display higher levels of confidence and comfort around others. If you can focus on building better leadership skills, that might result in a higher level of self-fulfillment, which might also translate to more success in your career and relationships.
      2. Exercise and Nutrition – People don’t always understand the importance of being physically healthy. The reality is when people look good on the outside and feel good on the inside, they have very little desire to harm themselves with drugs or alcohol. Learning to eat properly and how to get enough exercise is like an art form. By taking the time to learn to care for yourself physically and mentally, you will likely see a vast improvement in your levels of self-discipline and view yourself as a more viable individual.

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