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    Individual Therapy

    A significant part of treatment involves individual, or
    interpersonal, therapy. Although group therapy and
    process groups are extremely helpful, people also
    require individual attention in treatment. One-on-one
    counseling and therapy sessions are crucial as they
    are highly personalizable to the individual.

    What is Individual Therapy + It’s Importance

    The most important work you will do in treatment will come through your individual or interpersonal therapy programs. As you start therapy and counseling, you need to totally commit yourself to the process. That means being as open and honest with your therapists as possible. Anything less will adversely affect the quality of your therapy.

    The goal of interpersonal therapy is very straight forward. You and your counselor(s) will be looking for the root causes of your addiction. It really doesn’t matter how your addiction evolved. The fact you got caught up in your addiction indicates there are issues lying somewhere beneath the surface of your soul.

    Once you identify the causes, the focus of therapy will switch towards solutions. In most cases, the solutions to addiction are the strength of the coping skills you can develop. Coping and life skills are intended to be your shield of armor against your personal triggers and temptations. If you can beat them, there’s an excellent chance you will be able to maintain long-term recovery.

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      Individual Therapy vs. Group Therapy

      There is no doubt that group work is an important aspect of addiction therapy. You’ll get the chance to interact with people who have many of the same issues as you. Together, you will all learn the importance of camaraderie and get an opportunity to develop support resources you can depend on once you are released from treatment. However, there are some unique benefits to individual therapy.

      Individual therapy gives clients the opportunity to look within themselves and address issues specific to them. In an interpersonal session, the therapist is able to help the individual learn why they developed an addiction and what specific events may have lead up to that. While group sessions allow for a limited time for each person to speak, individual sessions focus solely on the person’s unique situation.

      One-on-one counseling is also critical for those who feel they are at risk of relapse. If an individual is dealing with a constant feeling of emotional instability, speaking with a therapist by themselves can help them get their emotions under control in order to prevent relapse. For many individuals, individual therapy is a form of self-assessment and a tool for maintaining long-term recovery.

      Find Your Path to Sustainable Recovery.

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      How AmHealth’s Individual Therapy Program Can Help You

      Individual therapy programs can come in all shapes and sizes. Similar to how all individuals are different, no two treatment plans will be the same. Some therapists may combine different elements of several types of psychotherapy to create the best possible course of action for their clients. Therapies that are commonly used in individual therapy include:

      There are many different forms of individual therapy. Luckily, a client is not tasked with choosing which form is best for them. Upon entering one of our evidence-based treatment facilities, a treatment professional will develop a plan that includes the type of course amount of individual therapy methods are required during and after their stay in treatment.

      If you are suffering from a substance abuse problem, you can stop your own suffering. It will take strength and courage but in the end, you will find your way back to a normal way of living. It has to start with you reaching out for help.

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