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    Other Services

    At AmHealth, we make a treatment program based on your needs.
    We will cover every aspect of your recovery and make sure to give
    you the best form of treatment possible.

    Other Services We Offer:

    At AmHealth, we offer a wider variety of options for your treatment. We know every individual is different and every individual needs a different treatment program. The range of services we offer:

    1. Accepting Responsibility
    2. Anger Recognition and Management
    3. Art Expression
    4. Assertiveness training
    5. Breathwork Techniques
    6. Case Management
    7. Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse Education
    8. Coping with Change Strategies
    9. Crisis Intervention
    10. Dance Therapy

    Our Treatment Services

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      Other Services Continued…

      Our Services are so wide-ranged because we want to offer a solution that works for you. Our Continued services are:

      1. Emotional Recovery
      2. Experiential Outings
      3. Gender Specific Care
      4. Gestalt Therapy
      5. Gottman Method
      6. Humanistic Therapy
      7. Identifying Triggers and Cravings
      8. Imago Relationship Therapy
      9. Meditation
      10. Nutrionalist Specialist

      Find Your Path to Sustainable Recovery.

      Am Health Behavioral provides you with options when seeking treatment for substance abuse & mental health.

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      At AmHealth, our services range far and wide. We want to offer you the best possible help we can so you can make the change for a better tomorrow. To find out all of our services, contact us today and make the jump to a life of recovery.

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