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    Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

    If you or someone or someone in your life is struggling
    with substance abuse challenges, you may be looking to
    find answers. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, called
    SFBT, may be just the answer you’re looking for. With
    solution-focused therapy, we don’t try to fix every problem
    you have in your life; we’re here to steer you toward a new
    direction and a healthier, happier life.

    What is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

    This is different from other therapy programs you might have tried in the past. Solution-focused therapy was started by 2 psychotherapists, Steve De Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, in Milwaukee during the late 1970s and early 1980s. The core beliefs that solution-focused therapy is based upon are simple but powerful ideas.

    • You have the power to create positive change in your own life.
    • There isn’t any one person or program that can be a magic bullet for you — or for anyone else.
    • It takes a wide variety of therapy approaches to handle a health challenge as complicated as substance abuse.
    • No one will ever be an expert on your life as much as you are.
    • Just like the name says, this therapy is focused on finding action-oriented behavioral solutions.
    • Unlike traditional therapy, it doesn’t take years and years to find a resolution.

    This solution-focused therapy generally takes between 1 to 12 sessions, lasting on average about 3 to 4 months. Of course, you’re welcome to keep the conversation going after your initial stage of therapy is finished. You’re welcome to come back to Solution-Focused Therapy at any time into the future if you feel the need to “check in.” We encourage you to feel welcome to “come back home” always because you are.

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      What to Expect from Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

      This solution-oriented therapy brings you into focus. You will work with a therapist and discuss your specific situation. The more direct and specific you can be with your own personal details, the better your results can be. You’ll work together with your therapist and negotiate your personal challenges, strengths, and resources. Solution-Focused Therapy is based on the premise that you have 2 states of existence: exceptions and instances.


      An exception is a period of time when you’re not being exposed to your problem when you’re not experiencing and being forced to deal with the substance or complaint that you’re in treatment for. For example, if you’re in treatment for an alcohol abuse problem, an exception is a period of time where you’re experiencing a period of “smooth sailing.” You aren’t being exposed to triggers or to alcohol itself.


      An instance, in contrast, is when you’re being exposed to your trigger. You may be exposed to it completely, or just in part. In the alcohol abuse example, it could that you’re exposed to certain triggering people or an environment. Then, you’re dealing with an instance. When you practice solution-focused therapy, you will determine your best strategies for success. After all, it makes no difference what works for other people. It only matters what works for you.

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      Let our Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Program Help You Today

      You can expect to be in the driver’s seat with SFBT. An important question that you’ll discuss with your therapist is imagining that you have a miracle happen in your life overnight. It’s actually called, “the miracle question.” If you had a miracle, you get to envision all the positive things that you see in your future. You discuss all your hopes and goals that you want to have in your life. Then, you’ll work toward setting up a specific game plan to get there.

      Remember, this kind of therapy is all about action, not endless analysis. Let’s take the alcohol abuse example. You and your therapist will talk about actions you can take that will help guide you toward living life without abusing alcohol. You can brainstorm together to come up with possible solutions, like:

      • End unhealthy relationships and foster new healthy ones
      • Starting a new job or transitioning to a healthier and happier career
      • Get a new place to live that’s a more positive environment

      You’re the boss who is in control of your own life. You’ll work with your therapist to problem-solve and to be proactive toward anticipating triggers and heading them off at the pass. Solution-Focused Therapy has been used successfully for decades as a therapy for addiction. While it may not be the solution for everyone, it may be just the solution you’ve been seeking.

      Using Solution-Focused Therapy for a brief period of time has a longstanding track record of success. It’s helped thousands of people find their own custom-made solutions. No one’s ever going to be as equipped to create a customized approach that works for you as you can. We know it, and soon you will too. Find out more about Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and everything it can do for you, by contacting us today. It will be your first step toward a happier and healthier tomorrow, for you and your loved ones.

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